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  • Mindful

    “More Americans than ever before are suffering from mental and emotional distress.”
    -Amanda Macmillan writing for


    Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy, is also considered by many to have been a pioneer in the field of mental health. It is no accident that homeopathy has a history of uprooting mental and emotional symptoms.  If you are searching for a safe, inexpensive way to uproot you or your family’s mental or emotional ailments – Mindful may be what you are searching for.

    We will gather each week to discuss one lesson from Mindful (one of the many curricula developed by Joette Calabrese), including the protocols and case studies detailed in that week’s lesson. I will offer my own personal experiences and additional tips on how homeopathy can be used to overcome the burden of mental and emotional ailments.

    Our study groups are meant to be a supportive environment that encourages participation by all in discussions that enrich everyone’s learning and help you organize what you are learning now for later recall. This curriculum includes which homeopathic medicines are most important to have on hand for mentional or emotional needs.

    Students are expected to come to class discussions having already listened to that week’s pre-recorded lesson.

    Step #1: Purchase your curriculum (Mindful) from and show proof of that purchase.

    Step #2: Choose when you would like to begin (Dates & Times below).

    Step #3: Go to my shop and Reserve your spot in the study group for $99.

    All class times are listed as Eastern Time. Click here to convert to your time zone.

    2024 Dates & Times:

    • February 5 through March 4. (7:30pm ET)
    • July 23 through August 20. (7:30pm ET)
    • December 2 through December 30. (7:30pm ET)

    You agree that your participation is for educational purposes only. None of the information exchanged between students or between students and teacher is meant to take the place of medical advice.

    Please review our CANCELLATION POLICY: Group classes cannot be refunded once the class series begins.