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    Why Homeopathy?

    You may be asking yourself, “Why should I try Homeopathy?”, “How is Homeopathy different from Naturopathy?”, or “Will Homeopathy cure me?”

    These are very good questions, and the answers are as varied as each person asking the questions.

    Most of us come to Homeopathy not jumping and skipping in robust health, but limping our way through illness and the adverse effects of conventional medicine. We are disillusioned that the “cure” is sometimes worse than the “dis-ease”. We are weary.

    Unlike Allopathy (conventional western medicine), the idea of Homeopathy is not to bombard the body with a medicine, but rather to work with your body to provide a gentle stimulus to encourage the body to self-correct imbalances and guide your body into health and wholeness without adverse side effects or suppressing the symptoms to rear their ugly heads in more serious ways. Homeopathy takes into consideration your whole self (physical, mental and spiritual) when choosing the homeopathic remedies best-suited for your “totality of symptoms”. If you have reached the end of your rope with side effects, adverse effects, or loss of hope, you may want to learn more about how Homeopathy can help your particular situation.

    Many people mistakenly believe that Homeopathy is the same as Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine. It is not. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Naturopathy is “based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage.” Homeopathy is a science-based method of alternative medicine, based on the Natural Laws of “Like Cures Like” and “Minimum Dose” (minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease). While healthy diet and exercise are generally beneficial to all people, Homeopathy does not depend on this. Homeopathy also is not the same as herbal medicine, “home remedies” or “taking supplements”. Homeopathy does not seek to “pump up” chemicals in our body or “detox” or forcefully expel foreign substances from our body. Homeopathy simply and gently works with our body to heal itself in the manner it chooses.

    Will Homeopathy cure you? As in other areas of life, Homeopathy does not come with guarantees. Dr. Prasanta Banerji is credited with saying, “Homeopathy has cured every illness known to man, but not every person with that illness has been cured.” For those who like to dig into historical records or scientific data, you will discover for yourself that Homeopathy’s “track record” meets or exceeds that of allopathy.

    So, if you are among the weary, disillusioned and limping, is Homeopathy for you? For me and my family, the answer is a resounding YES.

    “The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.” – Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1844), Founder of Homeopathy